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About Puppy Text

There is nothing complex about this site. You can send messages to your friends written in puppies. And everyone loves puppies

No puppies were harmed in the making of this site

Once upon a time there was a girl dog called Daisy

Daisy went on a trip to Hokatika, which is famous for its sunsets.

Daisy met a boy dog called Baxter.

It was love at first sight?

A few short weeks later, Daisy had a basket full of puppies

During the day, the puppies are curious and full of energy

At the end of the day, puppies get tired.

And fall asleep

So we spent two nights arranging sleeping puppies and taking photos

With a helpful mother dog watching carefully

Until we had the whole alphabet written in puppies

Then we added some of our favorite technologies

And puppytext was born.